Vendor-locked data?

We can help.

Next-generation data platform built to liberate and integrate your existing data.

The best companies in the world today are driven by data.

User-friendly admin tools.We know that graph-data manipulation can be tough for non-developers, so we built WeaverLab, a suite of user-friendly tools that gives regular users all the power of advanced graph-data manipulation and visualisation, with minimum domain-specific skill requirements.
Own your data.Weaver platform is, and will always be completely open-source. That allows your developers to create custom components and permits an open marketplace for third-party component exchange.
Database Agnostic.Weaver platform is designed for compatability with any graph-database format. Sleep easy in the knowledge that your next merge will be as painless as possible.
All your data, in one place.Weaver platform’s full potential shows when merging multiple, mutually-incompatible databases. Create, edit, and link all of your previously detached data, in one place. Manage company-wide workflows, which can span multiple databases just once. Limit your workforce’s knowledge requirement to one software system.
No vendor lock-in.We know that todays solution can be tomorrows ignominy. Our data is stored in as open and accessible a format as possible, so whatever your needs in the future may be, we’ve got you covered.

Comprehensive feature listWeaver Platform gives you full data governance. Control who sees your data, and how they are permitted to interact with it on a per-user basis. Each piece of data has it’s own lifespan, with a traceable history detailing creation dates and values as well a list of changes or edits which took place, and who performed them.

WeaverLab, our purpose-built administration tool comes with built-in statistics reporting out of the box, as well as a set of machine-learning algorithms which detect how you typically interact with your data, and notify you if and when anomolous interactions occur.

Already have some graph-database wizards in your workforce? No problem. WeaverLab is built to be operable by any user, whatever their skill level, but Weaver platform itself still supports interaction via your traditional query-language (Cypher, SPARQL etc.), and all of the performance benefits that entails.

Redefining Interaction, Empowering UsersWe know that handling Graph databases can be tough for non-experts, so we rebuilt the standard interaction model from first-principles. Our Model-Based Interaction Method allows users to add complexity to their system as they learn, without needing to rebuild everything from scratch every time they want to add a new layer to their data.

Our method makes importing and exporting easier than ever, and engenders administrators with all the workflow, reporting, user-management and visualisation capabilities you would expect from a state-of-the-art data management tool, as well as a few extra gems which we thought the world needed.

Follow along with our step-by-step guide for best practises, and enjoy reactive feedback detailing whether your database is rdf-compliant, and the steps required to make it so.

One Information System to rule them all.

Already have a set of unwieldy, legacy databases that are too costly to rebuild with the latest technology?
We can help.
We’ve imported full container instances from Maximo, Relatics, and many more.

Want to continue using your legacy information systems as an input feed to Weaver Platform? No problem. Automate your import/export procedure to execute periodically, and ensure that your Weaver instance always remains synchronised as a universal point-of-truth across all your information systems.

Conflicting data across your systems? We’ve even come up with a way for you to explain to Weaver Platform which data takes precedence in case of information conflict (Although details of the conflict are retained and easily available, of course).

Create apps that fit your data,

Not the other way around.
Liberate your data.

With WeaverLab, we’ve included a range of highly configurable components to handle workflows, viewing and searching, analysis, notifications, and more. In addition, our suite of native Weaver applications is constantly expanding, with apps in the pipeline to handle Systems Engineering, Risk Management, and more.

WeaverNest is an open marketplace, where third-party developers can advertise their own custom components and plug-ins. The open-source nature of Weaver Platform means it’s accessible to anyone with something to share.

Already have something specific in mind? You can roll-your-own components, in-house, to fit your exact needs, using our highly accessible sdk.